Welcome back, DJ, the sands’ve been too quiet.

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Wow…  It’s a perfect fit.  

You look amazing.

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But… but the jackets are just for - oh. 

…I’d love one. 

…You…  you want to go try one on?


I, uh - a jacket? One of yours?

Well…  yeah.  I..  You..  You weren’t exactly the best supplied, and you’re kinda..  If you don’t want it, that’s fine, but we have extras.  And you’re basically…

They’re meant for desert weather.  So they’ll keep you comfortable.

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Right here! What d’you need?


I was wondering if you wanted a jacket?  Like, one of ours?

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Marcos, if you’re—  Marcos?  

Hey, where’re you at?  I want to ask you something.

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He ain’t gettin’ anythin’ from it, what’s gonna make him think about it~?

Ohhhhh- Ohhhhhhhhh, you are an ice princess, girl~ 

Honey, you know it’s one’a my best qualities~~  Respect where respect is due, and he’s gettin’ none.  What a weenie.

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[ cackling ]

Naaah, babe, if he did that he might actually get some sat-is-facccccc-tion handed out and we just know that ain’t his M.O. 

But of coooourrsseee~  He doesn’t have the brain cells for that.  

'Course, we're forgetting something…  If he's so e-go-tistic, why the hell are we assuming he can actually fuck somebody?  He's gonna be too busy staring in the mirror!

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Hehhh… you know it, sweet thing~

Least with a ‘droid, y’know yer gonna get an hour outta it. And y’ain’t gotta deal with the ego

Man, we all know his ego’s bigger than that scrawny excuse for a dick he’s got hiding away.  He probably has to use one’a those strap-ons~

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Riiiight?! Ugh…. S’like…. the effort’s there, but none’a the results. Or like, really fuckin’ half-hearted results where y’always gotta go out an’ find somethin’ better. 

Sweet thing, honeys ain’t got time t’fake it. 

Ooooh.  Ooooh.  

That’s real cold, I think I’m in love~

Truth be told, I think you’d be better off with a ‘droid or some shit.  At least then you know you’re getting something worthwhile.

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