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What.  The hell.

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Song: Sacrilege
Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Album: Mosquito (Deluxe)
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Think I’ll be back by the end of the month? Who knows? Honestly, I think I’m already set for moving here. We set ourselves up a tent and everything. It’s very nice. 


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Darling..  hey…  You need to eat something..


Huh, guess it wasn’t a calendar from very long ago, then. It lost January, can’t tell which year.

South…west-ish? Um, it’s this little house, kind of near…hmm…there’s actually not much around here. A few miles, I guess, southeast-ish of Guano, farther west of Getaway.

Um…  Alright, hang on, let me…  Theo?  Where’d you put the map?

//couple of minutes of static//

Sorry.  We’re a little jumbled around here right now.  It sounds like the best place for you is…  I’ve got it marked..  Okay.

The best place sounds like Ivory, if I’m right it shouldn’t be more than a couple miles walk.  Two at the most.

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It’s…what day actually is it? I think I have the calendar for a few years ago, which is silly.

Well, even if it’s not the weekend, does anyone know a good place where I can go to forget that I live like this? Preferably within walking distance of where I am in Zone Four.

It’s Sunday.

Hm..  Zone 4’s pretty big, that’s a lot of mileage.  It all depends on where you are.  Can you give me a landmark or somethinng?  2 used to be home turf, but I know my way around.

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